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I PAZZI ‘ is available as trio, duo or solo and is well suited for festive occasions and theatre. From special functions, conferences, (employee) parties and receptions, to entrance and opening acts.

Italian music, French Musette, Gypsy, Hot-Club, Tango and Klezmer are skillfully and passionately performed, usually with violin and accordion.
The performance can take place at a fixed location, or ‘on the move’.
It’s also possible to make a request for a melodramatic, spirited or moving Italian, Dutch, French, Spanish, nautical, children’s song, or for a piece of special personal significance.

Solo accordionist Henk Lippens has been performing this aforementioned repertoire with lively passion and ease for many years,
and on request plays violin and piano.
His speciality is song and cabaret accompaniment, as well as
musical backing for pantomime, theatre and (moving) comic acts.

‘I PAZZI ‘ can turn every occasion into a festive event with character and style!

For information and reservations:

I PAZZI / Holland
Mob: +31(0)6-26174057   or  +31(0)715221503
Fax: +31(0)71-8881622
E-mail: info@pazzimusic.com
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